Northumbria University Services Limited

If you are successful in applying for a Professional Support or Research role at grades 1 to 5, it’s likely that you’ll be employed by Northumbria University Services Limited (NUSL).

NUSL is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Northumbria University which provides Professional Support and Research staff to undertake various roles and responsibilities associated with grades 1 to 5 on the Northumbria University pay scale.

You’ll work alongside and under the direction of colleagues within the University’s Faculties and Service Departments in the delivery of our Vision and Corporate Strategy, and will be subject to Northumbria University policies and procedures.

If you are an existing employee of Northumbria University in post prior to 1 April 2017 with continuous service since that date, and you successfully apply for a role advertised by NUSL, you will be entitled to take up the role and remain as an employee of Northumbria University.